Let's Celebrate "Read Across America"

Monday, March 2nd: Wear Red & White!

Tuesday, March 3rd: Wear a Silly Hat!

Wednesday, March 4th: Wear Wacky Clothes and Wacky Hair!

Thursday, March 5th: Wear your Class Color!  

Red: Mrs. Lewick, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Laino, Mrs. Merrick, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Ordway, Mr. Sanguinito and Ms. Weiss.

Green: Mr. Muzyka, Mrs. Kleiber, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Gonzalez, Mrs. Lance, Mrs. Rossnagle, Mrs. Antonelli and office staff.

Blue: Mr. Moyer, Mrs. Messler, Mrs. Quiroz, Ms. Burger, Mrs. Kenny, Mrs. Sanguinito, Mrs. Sacchi, Ms. Martinez, Mrs. Sabol, and Mrs. Swingle.

Yellow: Mrs. Volckman, Mrs. Kolodziejczyk, Mrs. Nelson , Mrs. Horninger, Mrs. Parish, and Mrs. Gunderman.


Friday, March 6th: Dress as Someone You Want To Be When you Grow Up!