Reminder, call your child's doctor for the FLU vaccine today!

The State of New Jersey requires all students under the age of 5 to get the flu vaccine.  Children 6 months through 5 years of age attending any licensed child care center or preschool facility, shall annually receive at least one dose of influenza vaccine between September 1st and December 31st of each year. (8:57-4.19)
Your child must have this vaccine by December 31st or  he/she will not be able to return to school on January 3, 2022.
Please do not wait too long to get the vaccine as many doctor's offices run out of the vaccine.  
Please share proof of vaccination:
Fax a copy to 908-283-2821
Take a picture and text it to: 908-777-0380 
If you have any questions, please call our school nurses sat 908-454-3400 ext. 3020.  Thank you!