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Support Services for our ECLC Community

Sara Darmstadt

Community & Parent Involvement Specialist

(908) 454-3400 ext. 3022

[email protected]

  • Community & Parent Involvement Specialist helps develop partnerships between families, schools, and the community. The Specialist assists with registration and recruitment, staffs the Early Childhood Advisory Council, conducts Provider and Family Worker meetings to ensure continuity across programs, and coordinates and collaborates with local agencies to help link families with needed services.


Cathy Romeo &Tina Walton

School Nurses

(908) 454-3400 ext. 3020

[email protected]

[email protected]

  • Early Childhood Nurses facilitate and strengthen our children’s ability to learn by helping to improve and protect the health of students, staff, and families. They conduct screenings for immunizations and for vision and hearing problems. The nurses provide physical and emotional support when there are illnesses or injuries, which are a normal part of growing up. They also provide daily support to children with chronic health needs, and advice on healthy eating and safety. 


Tanya Metzgar

PIRT coordinator & Program Social Worker

(908) 454-3400 ext. 3030

[email protected]

  • Preschool Intervention & Referral Team (PIRT) works with parents, school administrators, childcare directors, and school staff to increase the inclusion of children in regular preschool classrooms by focusing on cognitive, social-emotional, communication, and any other concern that may create difficulty for a student to succeed in our program. The expert team includes Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultants, Social Workers, Speech-Language Specialists, School Psychologists, Master Teachers, Nurse, Preschool Director, and Principal.



Tracy Drabic, Jason Moyer & Tamora Volckmann
Master Teachers
[email protected]